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Hey, I am Jenny, the creator of this blog and if you are looking to submit a post for us, you are at the right place.

I and my team would be happy to offer free access to our platform in an exchange of a blog article, review or a Youtube video where you present our plugins.

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Our Guidelines

Technical requirements

Uniqueness: > 85%

Structure requirements

  • Break the text into logical paragraphs (3-7), no need to write a solid text without separation;
  • The text should have lists (enumerations or numbered);
  • It is advisable to use at least 3 sources for writing the article.

Styling requirements

  • WIKI writing style, the general rules of which are:
  • Be impartial;
  • The article should be written in a scientific style;
  • The article should be written from the 3rd person;
  • Invalid slang or empty (water) expressions;
  • It’s forbidden to use constructions of several adjectives;
  • It’s forbidden to use interrogative or exclamatory sentences.