Glass Railing and Glass partition systems

A lot of people believe that glass railing can be dangerous and expensive. But let me tell you, it’s much safer and cheaper than you realize. Here’s what you should know about glass railing.


On average, the cost is around $140-270 per linear foot.

But this price isn’t set in stone. Many factors will change the price of installation such as:

  • Material used
  • How much you want to be installed
  • Location of where you live
  • Where it’s being installed (balcony, staircase, both, etc.)

Despite the price fluctuation, glass railing is actually one of the least expensive railings you can have. Not only that, but it gives your home and/or business a clean and sharp modern look to it. But how much it’s going to cost will depend on if the installing is taking place on the stairs or the balcony so you need to know about the two.

Staircase Railings

Usually more expensive of the two, staircase railings can be very difficult to install. Not only that but typically there are handrails that are installed on the side of the glass. The material you choose to have the handrails made of will determine how expensive it will be. Common materials used are:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Wood is typically the cheapest option with stainless steel being one of the more expensive options.

Balcony Railings

Balconies require a special glass called tempered laminated glass.

It is actually required to use this type of glass for safety reasons. You don’t want the glass to fall on top of someone and you definitely don’t want the glass breaking if someone leans on it.

You can opt for regular laminated glass but it is recommended to speak to a professional before making this decision. They will tell you what is recommended for your balcony.

All of this seems expensive at first but the main factor that will save you money, in the end, is maintenance.

Easy Maintenance Saves Money

Because hands and other objects can leave smudges on the glass, people think this makes glass railing a bad option. But, let me ask you something.

How hard is it to keep the glass clean?

Believe it or not, it’s actually way easier to keep the glass looking clean than other materials. I’m sure most of you have had to clean windows before, yeah? All you have to do is spray it with a glass cleaning product and wipe it with a cloth and presto! It looks good as new.

But with other materials such as wood railing, it can be stained over time and become difficult to give it the brand new look it once had. You have to paint it, sand it down, do staining, and so on. With glass, that’s never an issue.

Glass Is The Way To Go

Although the upfront cost seems expensive at first, it won’t take too long to see the benefits glass has over other railings.

Being able to easily keep it clean and looking brand new will mean spending much less money taking care of it than you would with other materials.

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